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Top 10 Wealth Management Solution Companies - 2020

Technology has made tremendous progress in recent years, giving way to innovative solutions that have radically transformed how several sectors function. The wealth management industry is the latest in a long list of industries that have developed and grown with forward-looking technical solutions. The days when wealth managers and financial advisors have spent hours poring over spreadsheets and formulas to carry out calculations and analysis are just behind us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become obsolete in these traditional wealth management approaches. Financial companies are rapidly leveraging digital technologies such as AI, cloud, and intelligent automation to hyper-personalized wealth management offerings.

In the backdrop of constant technological innovation, wealth management companies are looking to speed up the transformation of their advisory platforms as well as enhance products and service offerings across client-advisor touchpoints. The focus is on providing a suite of responsive, personalized, and contextualized services designed to exploit insights into the customers' financial needs.

We at Banking CIO Outlook have listed the most prominent wealth management solutions providers in the industry to help companies and business owners choose their right wealth management solutions provider. These firms offer a broader range of products to their client base, better understand the preferences of a customer, and facilitate the delivery of improved investment ideas to relevant customers.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook's "Top 10 Wealth Management Technology Solution Providers - 2020."

    Top Wealth Management Solution Companies

  • Hearsay Systems is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital marketing platform for the financial services that uses predictive analytics to help financial advisors to automate marketing tasks. The company offers complete client engagement solution for financial services, empowering advisors, and agents, to effectively use social media, websites, text messaging, and email to build stronger relationships with the customers which in other way help the business to grow. The company was founded in 2009 by former Microsoft employee Steve Garrity and Starbucks board member Clara Shih. They initially intended Hearsay to be used to help larger companies to promote their local branches via social media platform but ended up being described as a more general “social selling platform”

  • InvestEdge is a leading technology partner that provides innovative advisor solutions to support asset consolidation and simplify complicated wealth management processes while reducing overall operational risk. The company delivers a SaaS-based platform to help banks, trust institutions, and wealth advisory firms to more effectively aggregate, transform, and present complex investment data and better serve high-net-worth clients. InvestEdge also focuses on consolidating all the compliance processes across different investment channels at banks while offering them a platform to holistically service SEC-based accounts, FINRA-based accounts, and traditional fiduciary trust accounts regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Regulation 9 policy.

  • The iPaladin platform secures and centralizes vital family office information and operations in one place, empowering a diverse network of people to work together in one accord, while oversight is achieved reviewing a single source of truth

  • Model Capital Management LLC is a company focuses on asset allocation - the primary source of risk and returns relative to the market index. The firm follows a systematic, model-driven investment process for both strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies. Model Capital Management LLC works with financial advisors, RIAs, and other managers. It acts as a manager through sub-advisory arrangements and on platforms such as AssetMark and Model Capital Services

  • 1787fp


    1787fp designs software to help millennials and professionals to work toward financial independence by managing finances and making smart money-related decisions. The 1787fp app has three powerful financial management tools: financial planning tools, investments, and payments. The ability of 1787fp to understand its clients and provide personalized solutions to achieve financial independence is the fundamental rule behind its fast growth

  • Bucket Bliss

    Bucket Bliss

    Bucket Bliss Advisor is an efficient, simple, and successful retirement-income planning software. It is a platform for revenue planning strategy which facilitates retirement income planning by segmenting investment money into buckets and time frames. The bucket strategy works based on segmentation into four separate portfolios or buckets of the company's existing assets. For the consumer, the bucket approach is inherently easier to understand and relate as to why one part of their money is spent differently from the others and how it will be used

  • Finivi


    Finivi Inc is an advisory firm that offers financial planning, wealth management, and consulting for retirement plans. As part of its wealth management services, Finivi may decide to allocate a portion of a client’s assets to the management of an independent money manager. Finivi Inc does not act as a registered broker-dealer, signifying that it is not able to buy and sell securities for its own accounts as well as its customers and instead must go through a broker-dealer company to do so. Securities are exchangeable financial assets like equities, options, and bonds

  • Optimal Asset Management

    Optimal Asset Management

    Optimal is democratizing investing for all investors by the systematic application of investment techniques and technology. As a company with a strong intrinsic drive to integrate new, innovative technologies, Optimal is offering the path-breaking Factor Allocator, a web-based tool that helps investors and advisors identify, visualize and implement investment factors that aim to maximize portfolio returns. Optimal also promotes a Liability-driven Investing (LDI) approach that allows each investor to set a floor and upside target. With this strategy, investors can smartly allocate assets to attain different investment targets that will change dynamically over time

  • Orion Advisor Tech

    Orion Advisor Tech

    Orion Advisor Solutions provides a personalized financial management continuum, including best-in-class consulting technology and investment strategies, to help fiduciary consultants realize their unique vision for success. Their innovative technology includes customer experience tools, tax-intelligent rebalancing, effective billing, integrated planning, and automated compliance monitoring, all aimed at empowering consultants to improve their firm's productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and disrupt traditional ways of thinking

  • PureFacts


    PureFacts provides a complete suite of wealth management tools and consultancy and digital solutions tailored to help financial services companies maximize productivity, reduce costs, and develop outstanding customer experiences at every touchpoint. They use AI, big data, and expertise in the industry to help companies realize value, increase productivity, cut costs, and create an enhanced customer experience. Since 2010, they have been specializing in designing best-in-class financial industry software solutions