Accutech Systems Corporation: Redefining Wealth Management

Adam Unger, President, Accutech Systems CorporationAdam Unger, President
The wealth management industry has in many ways lagged behind the technological curve, with the infrastructure of many products remaining unchanged since the seventies. However, evolving client demands are forcing wealth managers to re-engineer their business models with more current end-to-end technology. Enabling wealth advisors to efficiently manage and grow trust accounts through current technology is the focus of Accutech Systems Corporation (ASC), an innovative financial products and services company. ASC’s trust accounting platform, Accutrust Cheetah, brings financial operations and administration into the modern era which improves accuracy, data integrity and time-saving efficiencies. As a state-of-the-art SaaS-based investment management platform, Cheetah leverages current technology to provide wealth management professionals the right tools for engaging clients. “With Accutrust Cheetah, investment managers, account administrators, and customers can access the data they need from anywhere through mobile devices,” notes Adam Unger, President of Accutech Systems Corporation.

In its core offering, Cheetah includes built-in portfolio modeling and performance measurement functionality that enables investment managers to analyze individual accounts and make informed decisions. Enabled with data visualization, tracking important metrics has never been easier. The platform delivers role-based dashboards to show tasks that need to be done as well as tracking key performance metrics across investments, compliance, operations and administration; data is delivered via account management and executive summary dashboards in a graphical format. The dashboards narrate account and department performance, helping executives efficiently manage their business and only deal with exceptions and critical action items. Accutrust Cheetah also leverages summary information to verify regulatory and internal policy compliance.

Further, Accutrust Cheetah incorporates automated tools to speed up operational processing and ensures that administrative and compliance reviews are completed accurately, on time.

With Accutrust Cheetah, investment managers, account administrators, and customers can access data from anywhere through mobile devices

Clients achieve increased ROI through features that include native document management, streamlined automation, voice-to-text recognition, one-click exports, and CRM. These features enable clients to store, access and utilize their data with ease and speed. Additionally, Cheetah also delivers an online learning center containing documentation, role based training and best practice workflows which are provided to the user directly from the application enabling 24/7 on-demand research access.

As a testimony to ASC’s proficiency in addressing customer’s unique challenges, Unger discusses an instance where ASC assisted one of its clients in their auditing process. Previously, the client faced the time-consuming task of extracting many reports to provide the precise information the auditor was looking for because the auditor could not easily navigate their last system. This was ineffective and time consuming for the client. Once the client implemented ASC’s Accutrust Cheetah software, the auditor found the system to be so intuitive that they were able to pull all of the reports they needed without any assistance, saving the client two weeks of time from previous audits.

While ASC forges ahead with technology to make a strong impact in the wealth management arena, the one aspect that underpins the company’s success is work culture. Unger says, “We emphasize culture heavily as a part of our service commitment to the industry; the better we take care of our team the better we are at taking care of our clients.” Recognizing the work culture of ASC, the firm has twice been awarded one of the best companies to work for in Indiana from the Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce. Driven by a dynamic service culture coupled with an emphasis on current technology, ASC has established itself as an invaluable resource for streamlining financial operations and is poised to further propel their Accutrust Cheetah platform to continued success.