Accutech Systems Corporation: Fueling Wealth Management with Technological Innovations

Adam Unger, President, Accutech Systems CorporationAdam Unger, President
The wealth management industry has moved at a slower pace in terms of technology adoption as compared to other industries in the past. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that wealth managers have always required solutions to manage and grow their trust accounts efficiently. Despite the need, the traditional wealth management solution providers have not been diligent in providing firms with the technology to enable speed and efficiencies that the modern enterprise demands. Today, the wealth management industry has the most comprehensive and flexible accounting solutions at its disposal enabling exponential growth due to successful efforts from companies like Accutech Systems Corporation (ASC). Continuously leveraging advanced technologies with a vision to operate as an innovator and disruptor, ASC is a financial products and services company providing leading tools for wealth management professionals.

Despite the excessive regulations prevailing in the industry, ASC successfully created its flagship product Accutrust Cheetah—a trust accounting and investment management solution— which streamlines the financial operations and administrative work of wealth management firms. It enables financial organizations to expand their departments, assets, and management teams without having to add full-time equivalent (FTE) staff. Among other time-saving features, Accutrust Cheetah includes integrated portfolio modeling and performance measurement tools, which enable investment professionals to evaluate individual accounts and account relationships to make informed decisions.

ASC adopts an agile approach when it comes to adopting new technologies and rigorously invests in R&D efforts aimed at enhancing its solution for its clients. The company also invites enhancement requests from clients to ensure each release provides tools meaningful to their growth strategies.

Accutrust Cheetah allows financial organizations to expand their departments, assets, and management teams without having to add full-time equivalent (FTE)

“We have recently launched an innovation center where customers can suggest enhancement ideas through our portal which ensures open communication and prioritization of our future efforts,” mentions Adam Unger, President, ASC.

ASC works with firms that seek to integrate their business operations into third-party systems. For such clients, the company has developed a suite of application program interfaces (APIs) which allows an automated action between Cheetah and other systems used by clients. For instance, if a firm uses a customer relationship management (CRM) system such as Salesforce and wishes to automate the exchange of data between Cheetah and Salesforce, they can do so using APIs. ASC’s robust API library can also be leveraged to connect data from other sources and feed them into Cheetah, helping clients to create more efficient workflows and even new products or services supporting their growth strategies.

Efficiency remains the key focus area for ASC as it employs cutting-edge technologies to redefine the trust and investment industry by continually enhancing Accutrust Cheetah. The platform has delivered significant benefits to clients over the years including one firm that, once Cheetah was implemented, was able to nearly double their assets without adding any staff. Today, the client handles its customer base with more efficiency, better margins, and increased stability.

Unger accredits all the success and accomplishments to the company’s work culture, which drives the team to continuously innovate. “Our biggest advantage is that we have created a work culture to bring in the brightest talent who are passionate about finding innovative solutions and we will continue to push the envelope of technology to serve our clients,” he adds. The company continues to grow, having achieved a remarkable sales milestone of beating their historical annual average by nearly 400 percent in the first quarter of 2018. Unger believes that ASC’s growth trajectory indicates recognition of the value it brings to the market. Ultimately, for ASC and team, it’s all about serving their clients through innovating with modern technologies to fuel their growth.