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Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. (RQSI): A Transparent Approach to Quantitative Investing

Top 10 Wealth Management Tech Solutions Companies - 2022

The wealth management space is currently undergoing a considerable transformation with the arrival of a new generation of tech-savvy investors. Having lived through almost back-to-back financial crises as defined by the Great Recession of 2008 and the Covid-19-induced economic slowdown, the Millennial investors have distinct expectations and tastes compared to the Baby Boomers. Moreover, the latest generation of high-net-worth (HNW) clients is more likely to manage their wealth through digital means. This has resulted in new industry standards in terms of how advice and investment products are offered by wealth management (WM) firms.

In this climate, the adoption of digital platforms for wealth management will promote customer loyalty. The use of predictive data analytics, agile distribution models, and virtual tools will further improve customer connect by boosting investors’ ROI through personalized wealth management solutions.

Technology is a crucial area where asset managers of WM firms must stay competitive. Big data can help them gain a deeper understanding of the products and services they should offer to their customers. AI can also be used to develop new applications that can substantially increase front and back-office operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. Likewise, video conferencing and augmented/ virtual reality (AR/VR) have the capability to make it easier for wealth advisors to communicate with new-age customers more effectively.

Along with changing investor demographics and a tech-oriented focus on financial services, rising regulatory constraints, new business models, and increased competition will all contribute to the transformation of the WM industry. In such a scenario, it is becoming increasingly clear that WM firms must capitalize on market opportunities to meet investor demands to stay ahead of the curve.

In the light of these developments, WM companies require the best solutions and services to augment, enhance, and optimize their financial management services. We hope this edition shows you the path to finding the appropriate wealth management solution and service provider suited to your needs.

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    Top Wealth Management Tech Solutions Companies

  • RQSI offers liquid and illiquid alternative investment strategies for a wide variety of institutional portfolios. Their strategies are risk-focused, evidence-based, systematically applied, and customized to ensure a strong portfolio fit optimized for alpha.

  • Atria Wealth Solutions

    Atria Wealth Solutions

    Atria Wealth Solutions, Inc. (Atria), based in New York City, is a wealth management solutions holding company committed to providing financial professionals, financial institutions, and their clients with a clear path to the future of financial consulting

  • AppCrown


    AppCrown’s industry data has enabled the Salesforce user experience and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with native multi-custodian and multi-application connectors to grow wealth management and asset management since 2009. It founded an industry integration infrastructure company that creates and defines Industry Data for Wealth Management

  • Cambridge Trust

    Cambridge Trust

    Cambridge Bancorp, Cambridge Trust Firm’s parent company, is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cambridge Trust Company, with client assets under management and administration, is one of New England’s leaders in private banking and wealth management

  • Enlighten Operational Excellence

    Enlighten Operational Excellence

    Enlighten Operational Excellence is a global operations consulting firm that delivers analytics tools, services, and training to help enterprises measure, analyze, and improve operational performance in a dramatic, rapid, and continuous manner. The Enlighten program delivers transformational and long-term operational advantages with a high return on investment

  • Horizon Investments

    Horizon Investments

    Goal-based investing is about matching investment methods to a client’s financial goals. Horizon enables advisers to build that link by customizing solutions for each investment journey’s three stages: gain, protect, and spend

  • iPipeline


    iPipeline is establishing a digitalized ecosystem for the life insurance & wealth management industries. In addition, iPipeline is devoted to providing premium subscriptionbased technologies to assist financial institutions and advisers in automating and digitizing financial transactions, complying with regulations, and seamlessly incorporating life insurance & annuities into client accounts

  • Redi2 Technologies

    Redi2 Technologies

    Redi2 is dedicated to improving billing for financial services organizations. As a result, the clients become more effective in serving their customers. This result has earned Redi2 the trust of many of the world’s most powerful financial organizations

  • Rothschild Investment Corporation

    Rothschild Investment Corporation

    Rothschild advisers walk each client through the wealth management process, which includes setting goals, creating a specific investment strategy to accomplish those goals, and overseeing the ongoing execution of the investment plan with an emphasis on risk-adjusted returns

  • Ycharts


    YCharts is used by thousands of financial advisers, asset managers, and investors to create insights, make better investment decisions, and effectively communicate with prospects and clients. Users may generate engaging visualizations highlighting the merits of their investing ideas using industryleading tools