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Jay Shah, CEO, Personal CapitalJay Shah, CEO
Personal Capital, with more than a decade of experience in the FinTech industry, has risen to become one of the most popular financial management platforms and the leader in digital wealth management today. Personal Capital provides clients with a whole new way to see, understand, and manage money so they can live confidently and retire well. “Every day, our teams of engineers, advisors, and staff members come to work to fulfill our vision – to revolutionize how financial advice is delivered,” notes Jay Shah, the CEO at Personal Capital. In the world of financial advice, where robo-advisors sit on the cheap end of the spectrum and financial advisors on the expensive end; Personal Capital targets the investors with a hybrid model combining robo-advisor algorithms and human advisors.

Personal Capital offers a slew of financial and investment planning tools that allow the clients to view all their financial accounts in one place. The platform is available in two versions, the free financial dashboard, and wealth management. The dashboard serves as a financial aggregator providing deep insights for the clients to understand their entire financial picture. Fiduciary advisors of investment companies can leverage Personal Capital's tools to provide personalized wealth management advice. The company also emphasizes holistic planning, risk management, and after-tax returns. The unique combination of online tools and dedicated advisors helps clients track and manage their financial life confidently.

The free financial dashboard of Personal Capital offers the capabilities of budgeting and cash flow analyzing. The budgeting feature tracks the income and expenses from the different financial accounts linked to the platform and develops strategies to reach the financial goals set by the client himself. The cash flow analyzer tracks the client's spending patterns to help them analyze their transactions. The dashboard offers investment tools of — 401(k) Analyzer, Retirement Planner, Investment Checkup, Net Worth Calculator, and Personal Advisor.

The company's award-winning services have paved the way for its advisory firm, which now manages over $10 billion in personalized investment portfolios for families in the U.S

The 401(k) Analyzer clarifies to the clients the investment fees involved in the employer-sponsored retirement plans. The retirement planner analyzes their investment accounts to forecast whether they will on the right track for attaining their retirement goals. The investment checkup tool optimizes the accounts linked on the platform to improve the overall investment performance. The net worth calculator tracks the client's assets and liabilities to determine their financial strength. Besides all these tools, Personal Capital always gives the option of contacting a personal advisor who can help answer any question regarding the services.

Personal Capital's wealth management investment strategies are that of tactical weighing, tax optimization, tax allocation, and socially responsible investing (SRI). Tactical weighing improves on traditional indexing by maintaining more evenly weighted exposure to individual sectors. Tax optimization lowers the income tax liability resulting from investing activities. Personal Capital employs the tax allocation strategy to hold the income-producing assets in retirement accounts, and the capital gains generating assets in taxable accounts to take advantage of lower long-term capital gains tax rates. The incorporation of SRI into investing activities help choose specific investments based on the client's environmental impact, social impact, and management. These strategies enable clients to invest in what they believe in while avoiding what they don’t.

Personal Capital's platform is utilized by millions of users, helping them track over $650 billion of their personal finances, all in one place. The company's award-winning services have paved the way for its advisory firm, which now manages over $10 billion in personalized investment portfolios for families in the U.S. Personal Capital has till date raised over $200 million in capital from accomplished financial and strategic investors of IVP, Venrock, Crosslink, Corsair, Blackrock, BBVA, USAA, and IGM/Power to execute on its vision.

Personal Capital News

Personal Capital Grows Into New Office Location in Downtown Denver

DENVER: Leading hybrid digital wealth manager Personal Capital announced the opening of the firm's new Denver offices. The new space will accommodate Personal Capital's growing team and allow for an increase in collaboration among employees. The company's Denver team has been recognized by The Denver Post as one of the city's Top Workplaces every year since 2015.

"Denver was the first city we established a presence in, outside of California," said Jay Shah, CEO of Personal Capital. "The office is home to many of our registered investment advisors and the growth we've experienced has allowed us to help more than 20,000 wealth management clients and enabled us to provide financial tools and technology to more than 2 million people nationwide."

Personal Capital opened its first office in Silicon Valley nearly ten years ago. Since then, the firm has kept the same client-first, hybrid business model and recently announced they have surpassed $10 billion in assets under management and experienced a 60% growth rate the first half of this year.

"We are excited about the increased investment in our Denver location and the additional jobs we will be able to add as a result," added Jeff Davis, VP of Advisory Sales. "Our new office provides us the space needed to attract more of the incredible talent in the region so we can continue to deliver valuable service to our clients and free financial tools to people across the country."

The new office is located on the 24th and 25th floors of 1099 18th Street, providing employees easy access to the light rail and all of the amenities in downtown Denver. The nearly 30,000 square foot location houses employees across Personal Capital's functional groups, including sales and sales support professionals, and has room for further expansion. Personal Capital currently has nearly 400 employees located in offices across the United States and is hiring for a number of roles across all its offices.

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Personal Capital Raises $50M in Series F Funding

SILICON VALLEY, Calif: Personal Capital, a leading digital wealth management company, announced that it has raised $50 million in a Series F funding round led by IGM Financial Inc., the largest investor and member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, at a higher valuation than prior rounds.

The additional investment comes amidst a flurry of development and growth for the business and reflects IGM Financial's confidence in the business. Personal Capital has recently surpassed $8.5 billion in assets under management and two million registered users on its platform, which tracks more than $650 billion in aggregated account value.

"We have stayed laser focused on our mission of building a business that uses the ideal combination of technology and advisors to help Americans achieve clarity and confidence in their financial lives," said Jay Shah, CEO of Personal Capital. "Ongoing support from our investors has been integral to scaling up Personal Capital and delivering on our mission."

In addition to growing assets and user-base, Personal Capital has continued to develop innovative personal finance technology with the launch of Smart Withdrawal™, a personalized, tax-efficient, and interactive withdrawal strategy planner for retirement. The company also announced a partnership with Alight Solutions and AllianceBernstein to create WealthSpark™ that will provide American workers with holistic, personalized insights to their finances through Personal Capital's best-in-class technology.

"We remain extremely excited about how Personal Capital is changing the wealth management landscape and the company's role within our broader fintech growth strategy," said Jeff Carney, President and CEO of IGM Financial. "As the fintech space gets more crowded, Personal Capital is uniquely positioned with its offering of smart technology accompanied by human advice for mass affluent and high-net-worth clients."

With the additional capital, the company plans to further drive growth, enhance its leading technology platform, and invest in value added partnerships.